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  • What is MVPR?
    At MVPR, we redefine wellness as a lifestyle therapy brand, where MVPR stands for Movement Variability, Performance, and Recovery – the pillars of our transformative approach to manual therapy and movement programming. Embark on a journey with us, beginning with #StepOne: Embrace the philosophy that injury prevention and rehabilitation start by moving in ways that are natural to your body. This is the foundation of MVPR. #StepTwo invites you to unlock your full potential by learning and mastering fundamental human movements. Whether in the gym, on the sports field, or engaging in everyday activities with your family, this step empowers you to perform at your absolute best while effortlessly acquiring new skills and avoiding injuries. After pushing your boundaries and achieving peak performance, it's time for #StepThree: Recovery. Because at MVPR, we understand that optimal performance requires effective recovery strategies. The cycle begins anew as our treatment framework focuses on proactive and reactive body care, injury prevention, recovery, and optimized mobility and performance. With MVPR, we guide you to train smarter, recover faster, and consistently perform at your peak. Elevate your lifestyle – MVPR is where movement meets transformation!
  • Can you do Direct Billing?
    Yes! We are able to directly bill with most major insurance companies under Telus Health (Manulife, CanadaLife, etc.). Insurance plans under SunLife, BlueCross and Greenshield will need to be completed by Mark. If we cannot find and connect with your insurance provider, you will have to claim on your own. We provide digital receipts for you to use.
  • What is the difference between Sports Massage and Relaxation Massage?
    Sports massage is a type of massage specifically designed to help athletes and those with physically active lifestyles maintain and improve their performance. It is also perfect for addressing acute and chronic injuries. Sports massage utilizes techniques to improve circulation, reduce stress, and improve range of motion and flexibility. Methods include deep tissue work, manual therapy, fascial stretch/release techniques, joint mobilizations and more. Relaxation massage is a type of massage that focuses more on overall relaxation rather than specific areas of the body. It is intended to reduce stress and help the recipient feel relaxed and at ease. This is your typical 'spa' massage.
  • What results can I expect with Fascial Stretch Therapy?
    Results vary depending on your specific needs and goals. You can expect to see immediate treatment results for pain and stress relief, increased mobility and restored function within 1-3 sessions.
  • Which FST treatment length is right for me?
    The length of treatment required depends on your specific needs. Typically, we recommend: 30-minute treatment for: Pre- and post-workout or sporting event Individuals with minimal to no injuries Limited time and busy schedule Focus on either upper or lower body Lower back/computer posture-specific 60-minute treatment for: Everyone Balancing upper and lower body major components Total relaxation Individuals with minimal injuries/surgeries (for major injuries and musculoskeletal issues, please get clearance from your doctor for this type of therapy) 90-minute treatment for: Complete experience—feel totally brand new! Extreme stress Total relaxation Improved sleep Full body myofascial reset—head to toe! Individuals with few to moderate injuries/surgeries (for major injuries and musculoskeletal issues, please get clearance from your doctor for this type of therapy) Still unsure? Send us an email and let's chat!
  • How often should I get FST? What is your recommendation after my first visit?
    Based on your first visit, we will complete a thorough needs assessment and provide a treatment plan which will outline a schedule and goals. At a minimum, we recommend one FST treatment per month as part of a maintenance program.
  • Do I have to wear anything in particular?
    Yes. Please dress in athletic-type, loose and comfortable loose clothing. Bring a pair of clean socks if you get cold easily.
  • Is FST covered by extended health insurance?
    ​Yes at MVPR Therapy! Our Lead Therapist is a Registered Massage Therapist and can bill your Fascial Stretch Therapy session under Massage Therapy. If you do not have coverage for Massage Therapy or extended health insurance, FST is an out-of-pocket expense.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept cash, Debit, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
  • Do you provide mobile/on-site services?
    Yes. Please send us an email to discuss pricing and details.
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